Online work at home in Philippines without investment in 2021

People are doing Online work at home in Philippines without investment in 2021 due to the economic crisis and Pandemics. There is an increasing trend of online jobs in Philippines, although the number is not very high. It also occurs due to poverty in Philippines. Because most graduates have little opportunity to join the government, they want to do the job online.

Online work jobs in Philippines at home without investment

  • Freelancing
  • Blogging
  • Graphic designer
  • Work as A content Writer
  • Social Media Manager


Freelancing is an attractive way of working for many people: the Freelancer (noun) contracts with a number of firms and works independently. Freelancers can set their own schedules and work from home (office, coffee shop, etc.). Freelancers usually do not receive benefits such as health insurance or sick days; however, they do not need to spend money on commuting or office supplies. Freelancers are self-employed so they have complete control over how much time they wish to spend on projects. Freelancing has many advantages but it also requires hard work and perseverance to succeed.


Starting a Freelancer Career

Create a Freelancing Profile on Fiverr, Upwork and Guru etc


Blogging is an online journal in which the creator gives his thoughts on any matter. These journals are distributed to many readers who can comment, share or subscribe to the posts made by the blogger.

Bloggers have some flexibility when it comes to making their blogging careers. Freelancing is one of these opportunities for them that give that extra push to be their own boss while giving insights about themselves and also working at home. Freelancing can work out well for bloggers, especially if they have a strong following and they know exactly what kind of content their followers like reading. The more you know your audience, the better position you will be in when it comes down to negotiating with clients about the projects you take up and how much you charge per hour. Freelancing is not just restricted to writing projects. It also includes written copy for advertisements, editing and proofreading which can be done without leaving home. Freelancing is a career option that can successfully blend in with your blogging lifestyle. Freelancers are always on the lookout for interesting projects they can work on or content that you truly believe should be covered by someone else but has been left unnoticed by everyone else.


You will have more freedom as a freelancer working from home because there are no specific timings you need to follow other than being at your proper workstation every time you get an assignment. Freelancers usually take up multiple jobs at any one time, this means that they will have to manage their time efficiently which again requires a level of professionalism which is required from any job position. Freelancers need to be punctual because as much as they have the freedom to keep their own time, strict deadlines are set by clients.

Graphic designer

Freelancing is the act of working for yourself instead of an employer. Freelancing usually means that you are self-employed, but it can also mean that you work under contract for one company. Freelancers typically do not have an ongoing relationship with clients, and they may go several months (or years) between jobs. Freelance positions often allow designers to select their own hours and offer more flexibility than salaried employees or employees on staff.

Freelance graphic designers sometimes end up working independently without the structure of a more traditional employment arrangement.

Freelance graphic designers conceive of ideas, create works through visual problem solving, produce original artwork or illustrations using various media technologies, and prepare concepts in written form, such as the text for advertisements. Freelance graphic designers also design corporate identities (logos, website designs, corporate newsletters), product packaging, publications (magazines, newspapers), signage (way-finding, building-directions signs), web graphics (animated gifs), and animation. Freelance graphic designers may work with a wide variety of other professionals, such as marketing managers and sales staff who have the task of communicating marketing messages through print media, whether it is traditional printed materials or electronic media. Freelancers also need to promote their own services and produce self-promotional pieces such as postcards and letterhead. Some freelance illustrators also do storyboards for advertisements and movie screeners.

Freelance graphic designers create visual concepts that communicate information about products, services, organizations, individuals, places; they design corporate identities (logos), product packaging and book jackets; they illustrate books and magazines; they make signs (signs for use in shops and offices, directional signs) and animating and direct mail advertising.

Freelance graphic designers know software applications common to their field including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or Dreamweaver. Freelancers may work on contracts with graphic design studios that act as an intermediary between the freelancer and the client.[2] This arrangement allows larger companies access to experienced freelance professionals at an affordable cost. Freelance Graphic Designers are often expected to assemble a portfolio of work that illustrates their creative expertise. Freelance graphic designers are expected to possess the ability to adapt their style to suit different projects.

Employment prospects for freelance graphic designers are said to be good, but it is becoming more difficult for beginners without an established client list or portfolio to find paid work. Freelancers can promote themselves by networking with people who have a personal or business connection with companies in need of design services. Freelancers typically create personal web pages on sites designed specifically for freelancers, such as Freelance Switch, Guru , and People Per Hour.

Although working on contract may offer freedom from employer constraints, freelancers must often absorb the cost of running their own businesses, such as office supplies and stationary, website development and maintenance, software purchases, accounting fees for paying taxes quarterly, retirement fund contributions, health care benefits, client leads or marketing efforts. Freelancers are also responsible for seeking new business opportunities. Freelance graphic designers who work on contract are paid by the client at an hourly rate or on a project basis. Freelance graphic designers are some of the highest paid creative professionals in many countries. They often have very high levels of autonomy over their careers. Freelance work can also be controversial because of copyright issues regarding commissioned works that may never be paid for.

Work as A content Writer

Well, there are several ways to get into Freelancing content writing career, none of them is better then other, it totally depend on person’s skills and preferences. I will explain you two common methods.

First method is the most simple one – get a job in local newspaper or Magazine company where you live. It should be pretty straightforward, just check ads section in your local paper for proofreader or copywriter positions. Second option would be take a look at Craigslist , Freelance Writing Gigs & Elance . Or try googling “Content Writing Jobs,” but keep in mind that majority of online freelance gigs require some experience so don’t expect immediate results from using this method.

Still, keep in mind that Freelance positions can be very competitive and extremely difficult to find unless you have a lot of experience. Freelancing sites offer great opportunities for newbie writers, but it’s by no means an easy way into writing field for them too. Freelancers need to invest time and efforts into building up their portfolio, convincing clients that they’re the right choice, dealing with insulting non-paying buyers, etc. I’m not trying discourage anyone from Freelancing career path – just want to make sure you know what are you getting yourself into!

Second method is less common one, still allows Freelancer to establish business relationships with companies on local level so if day Freelancer decides he wants to “quit the career”, Freelancer can easily transition into local job. Freelancer just needs to have a lot of experience in writing field, because Freelance companies are usually small businesses that don’t have over-qualified employees. Freelancers chosen by Freelance company will work on one or several specific projects for them and Freelancer won’t gain any kind of experience in this case – Freelancer will be limited only with his imagination! Freelancers’ salary in this situation is also less promising than traditional freelance writer position where companies hire freelancers from all over the world.

Mistakes To Avoid

First thing freelancers should avoid when starting out their career would be low rates . It’s extremely important to value Freelancer’s work – Freelancers should always charge a rate that could be considered fair, not the cheapest one. Freelancers need to remember that Freelance companies don’t have big budgets and they can’t afford hiring Freelancers for daily shifts. Freelance market is already very saturated with writers from all over the world, so Freelancer needs to stay competitive if Freelancer wants find clients easily. Freelancers shouldn’t compete on price, but rather offer unique service in their field.

Also freelancers should avoid using low-quality articles when writing for initial portfolio pieces. Low-quality content could seriously hurt Freelancer’s reputation, because potential buyers will see this as an indicator of low-quality Freelancer’s work. Freelancers should clearly prove Freelance companies that they’re professionals in Freelancing business and their writing skills are not worst! Freelancers mainly need to proofread their articles – it’s a grammar mistake that gives Freelancer the most negative feedback from potential buyers.

In conclusion freelancing is a great career path for any writer, so if you have passion for writing anything you read, this is a good way how to make money on your writing skills. Freelancers’ main rule would be “get paid what they deserve” and Freelancers will definitely succeed.

Social Media Manager

Social Media is becoming more and more important nowadays. With so many social networking sites popping up, there are plenty of opportunities to be a Social Media Manager. You can work for brands or companies as their employee, or you can even start your own side project to earn money on the side.

What are the responsibilities of a Social Media Manager? If you plan to become one, do note that this job is not just about promoting whatever products they company you belong to through various social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. You will also be updating statuses regularly with cool content related to the brand or product, besides monitoring what people say about it too in order to gain valuable insights which could help improve business practices in the future.

There’s also the need to conduct research and data analysis, which you can use to formulate future strategies for effective campaigns. Once you have made your recommendations, plan out the necessary steps needed for implementation too!

If you’re the creative type who loves coming up with fresh ideas that push boundaries or are just downright hilarious, then this is probably something that’s right up your alley too. All in all, being a Social Media Manager requires knowledge on social networking sites, ability to write engaging content while thinking outside of the box…and knowing when it’s appropriate to break some rules!

This will be useful if people are interested in Freelancing as a Social Media Manager. If they want more information on Freelancing itself, they should check out other articles on Freelance Switch. Similarly, if they want more information on starting a Freelancing career, then they can check out this article here .

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  • Research and data analysis as part of the job too (with examples)
  • How to work as A Social Media Manager? (and what types of employees are required)
  • Kinds of roles one can apply for
  • Freelancing as A Social Media Manager (with example of how Freelancers can benefit from Freelancing)
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Many people confuse tweeting and blogging with spamming – posting irrelevant or self-promoting tweets or blog posts on someone else’s page or website. However, this couldn’t be further from   While there is no definitive answer to what social media platform is the most important for your business to invest time in, it seems that today more than ever businesses are concentrating on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram due to the reach each of these platforms have with specific demographics which you may wish to attract. However, if your target demographic happens not to be on one of these three platforms then it would be worth considering whether it would be beneficial to putting time aside to market on this platform.

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